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Abijah’s serves as a vital link between the racing industry and community wellness by facilitating the pairing of off-track thoroughbreds with counseling professionals trained in the mental health experiential framework called ARCH. This innovative approach extends mental health support to stable workers, military personnel, first responders, and the public.

Through Abijah’s unique equine-experiential mental health programs, off-track thoroughbreds find purposeful retirement while simultaneously contributing to life-changing outcomes for individuals grappling with PTSD, addiction, trauma,depression, and anxiety. By engaging in therapeutic interactions with these majestic animals, clients experience a unique and effective form of healing.

The choice of off-track thoroughbreds as companions in mental health programs addresses common hesitations individuals may have about seeking help. Sometimes, the prospect of assistance feels distant or unattainable, and doubts linger about its efficacy. Off-Track Thoroughbreds serve as a tangible bridge, breaking down these barriers and fostering healing alongside dedicated mental health professionals. This holistic approach not only provides meaningful retirement for the horses but also creates a transformative environment for individuals seeking support, reinforcing the powerful connection between human and horse in the journey toward mental well-being.

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Founded in 1987, the Rotary ClubO F Lakeville stands as a beacon of community service and altruism, exemplifying the true essence of civic responsibility. Through their unwavering commitment to giving back, the club channels the proceeds from their fundraising events to support a diverse range of local and regional initiatives. The financial resources generated play a pivotal role in bolstering essential community-centric endeavors, such as scholarships, community action programs, food shelves, and the development of parks, among other crucial projects. The Lakeville Rotary Club is not merely a philanthropic organization; it is a dedicated force that actively addresses the needs of its community, recognizing that meaningful change requires both financial and hands-on support. Embracing the belief that they can best serve their community by concentrating on scholarships and community projects, the Lakeville Rotary Club embodies the spirit of compassion and selflessness, fostering a stronger and more vibrant community for all.

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Abijah’s on the Backside and the Rotary Club of Lakeville are 501(c)(3) organizations.

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